Getting Ready for An Art Journaling class Next week- making my own texture past

I have a lot of stuff and want to use it in some sort of other secondary use and have always wanted to try art jounaling
Had to make some texture paste 

So  I booked myself and my older grand daughter into a class next Sunday

Of course the list  to bring seems endless - although they would have materials there - but going it through it
Art Journal - any sketch book will do -check
White Gesso - might make my own  but I know there some in this house somewhere
Gel Matte Med - not sure wht it is but will need to purchase
Acrylic Paints - check
Black Permanent stamp pad - check staz on black  and I have a white one too
Paint Brushes - check
Pallet \Knives- check
Water Color pencils - cant find - searching I know their here
Scissors- check
Water color paints - check
Water color crayons - oddly enough - check
Heat gun - check
Black and white  uniball - need to find
cc for scraper - check got lots
baby wipes - check
paper towels - check
water mister- check
color sprays - need to check this out if i really need or can make but maybe buy
charcoal pencils - check

and finally -  texture paste   - I have some but made some yesterday
1 cup baby powder (talc)
1/2 cup of white acrylic paint
1/4 cut of white glue
mix and I put into  a small mason jar

all items I had in the house so cost probably 3.50   and the amount i made probably cost if I purchased at least 4 times that much 12-15.00

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