First Boho Ring finished

With little time - I finally finished today the boho ring
I am still waiting on my tucker shot plates, wavy bezel wire, ball wire - I found another use for my dichro dots I have sitting

not sure if I like shiny or liver of sulpher


  1. This is an oooohhhh and aaahhh ring! Love it!

  2. Wonderful job, Deborah! I love the dichro, and you did a great job soldering on the balls too. I think this class is really worth it, don't you? Look at all the dichro you have.... you can retire early!

    1. I alwyas say if I come out of a class with even only 1 new tecnique or tip I am happy - extremely happy with this class - the dichro dots were for bracelets I used to make - leftovers from years gone by - new way to use them now - I am going to make some other smaller cabs with my dichro when I cut up