Knew Concept Saw is great

The Knew Concept Saw is great - easy to use and I find much more balanced than the old metal saws - or maybe its just cause I like the cool aluminum red  body

I do find it lighter - and I got the new lever action version 3"  - so much easier to change blades and really cool on how you can adjust the tension as your sawing

Leslie Villerreal has a great sawing tutorial on you tube :    In fact she has many on you tube to watch

I had issues when I started as I am just not a person who saws much but after practice on my wonky copper ring  I then did the silver one you saw in an earlier thread - much neater and more even
but this is the copper beside the silver -  note the wonky balance to the design - that is totally my fault for not outlining properly where I wanted to saw
 this is the stamp I used to stamp onto the silver and copper and etch (copper is ferric chloride and silver is ferric nitrate ) both simple to use
used the staz on to stamp onto the metal 

will be trying the magazine print transfer to put patterns on metal 
sort of like PnP paper - as a resist
you can take the glossy magazine paper - in this case an old Rio Grande catalogue from 2010 ( I knew I was saving it for something)  and printed through my laser printer  (must be laser printer) then I will use my hot plate to put metal down and then piece of pattern to fit metal and burnish it onto the metal - I'll show this but you can see on another Leslie video of how to etch silver

If you get a chance - do this class for the Boho Rings 

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