Using 24g Copper Sheet - Etched

I am working on a project where I want to create a large copper etched pendant and incorporate beads, findings etc...  so I thought a bit of a step by step on using 24g  copper that is thinner than my standard 18g  I use on my bracelets and other small jewelry pieces

I bought a large roll of coper from  a company called BASIC COPPER   was  I thought reasonably priced even including the shipping - the 22 mm size is the 24g  - they carry right up to the 36 gauge I like for microforming (but that is another topic)
 it is 12" x  50 ft

I can use scissors basically on this material to cut and shape

so I laid out my basic beads I wanted to use  and created a design I wanted for my metal piece

I drew the design on paper and then transferred it to the metal and cut it out  with scissors and to get clean round edges used my circle punch and files
I cleaned up the edges and the metal
Then I stamped it with one of my zentangle stamps (available on etsy - see left side bar)

Etched the metal - keep an eye on it while etching - this is thinner metal than 18g so I dont go quite as deep with the etch (but it may be fun to see what would happen )  (another time)
I have that nice 3" wide tape and used two pieces 
this piece is about 6" wide by about 4" tall 

Etched piece - cleaned the resist off and cleaned up the piece

I outlined the piece on paper again and  marked where I would like the holes- I need to fasten the beads to the piece (although there could be some soldering involved)
I laid the form over the design on paper and marked my holes on the metal

Because its so thin its very malleable - even more so after etching- as I handled it I started forming and thinking 3D instead of flat

Using my fingers I started bending the edges so I start to get a 3D more form - was pretty easy
Then I got my nylon pliers out and finished the edges off

(this looks cool- and gives me an idea to make a piece that would go around my neck as one big piece )

Now I have it formed - could have used the pliers right away, created a form to hammer over or into - many inexpensive ways and tools to use.

So now I have my piece and I put the holes in now  I know where I want most of them

Next will be soldering on back for fastening as well - that will hopefully this week

Now because this is my base for my bead soup - I cant show you yet what all the beads look like even sitting with the piece - but I am so pleased -  now if I can get my soldering done I can start assembly and be finished early

- I did some beads last night as I want to  make a finished necklace - need more finished items for my shows

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