More Easter Eggs, some metal playing

Between cleaning the basement (the never ending job ) fixing my leaking wall - the outside water is accumulating at the foundation and coming THROUGH the wall - like its weeping.  Got some Hydraulic cement and have been slowing refacing the wall to keep the leaks out and today was nice enough to redirect the flow of the basic river running to my house -I'll have to keep on this till I finish the wall

But in between I did a couple more eggs  - getting up there - almost a dozen

I found my embossing  heat tool which takes the wax off way better than a candle 
(that is crayon wax in muffin tins on a hot plate  underneath it - another story)

Then I wanted to try out my new punch I got - its a guitar pick cutter I got off ebay -  and found the 24g too thick only made two marks on the metal

so went looking for my 36 g that I use for my  Microfolding and I had to remember where I put that (I've been out of the studio toooooo long - was in my metal cupboard (where I keep my metal sheet, tubing and wire - duh !)

You can see the difference between the thickness of the 24g and the 36g- the 36g almost like paper

I love 36g  cuts like butter with a pair of scissors -

I then cut up one of my diet coke cans to test out how it would work up (free silver colored metal !!!! Aluminum)  for an accent  

First -  I punched out pieces with my new punch from the 36g

then I cut a piece of the 36g and ran it through the tube wringer
most craft stores that sell tube paint carry this 

some craft stores carry the 36g 

then I ran the coke can material through

voiola -  some accent pieces

I'll have to go through how to make a bead with this material later

but you can find the earring tutorial   here :  click here  for the start of the 5 step by step
very easy and you can use the aluminum as well

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