Making Easter Eggs Day

The grand kids got up early so we started right away

Zoe (the oldest ) was going to do the Pysanky with me and the little one Ave was going to paint and dip and put on stickers

we had a really good time

Zoe made two eggs - the first one she dropped a bit and it cracked when were taking off the wax - it does take time to make even one

 oops.  she dropped while making and did not think she cracked it - when we emptied it sort of popped more

Her second was tremendous

the littlest one made the cutest eggs (hers were hard boiled)
and then they got bling

Mine I had some fun -

Totally loads of fun - the  Pysanky dies  I got at Michaels along with the tools and beeswax (nope - went to michaels and checked - they no longer carry any of the kits )  best choice is on line to order your tools and wax  - candles from the dollar store 
I bought a dozen medium mason jars and put all colours out - and labelled them 
good for up to one year 

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