Hearts - Trying the Brent Graber DVD

Its a bit late to be thinking hearts - should have done that back in January - but I finally got down to the basement studio and tried some hearts from the Brent Graber DVD Instructional Video -

 Not too bad for first try and you have to under stand this is Borosilicate Glass which is harder to use on  a Nortel Minor and two oxygen concentrators and sometimes I overcook the glass from being to anxious for it to work
 ( I was thinking about my grand daughter while I was doing it as she was on way to hospital to see if she broke her arm - good news just a bad sprain with a possible small fracture - will know today)
My first one is at about 12 O'clock  - I see the purple in it was a bit wonky  but ok,  the second one I did  at 2'oclock was the second using same colors  a bit too long- if I had kept it short I think would have been better, the third one is at 11 o'clock pulled to far to the right , the fourth one is at 7 o'clock not too bad ,  the once at 6 o'clock - I was getting tired , and the final little one at 5 'oclock was a left over  but not too bad 

just need more practice 

From the video
I loved doing the  holes actually in the top of the heart
I felt some color recognition coming out
I see and feel how to make the glass thicker lense

I need to be more patient
I need to let the glass flow and not be too rushed (being patient again)
I need to realize where to cut off for the end
I need to shorten the rounded tops


  1. I understand the concept of creating according to a concept but, I love these hearts:" the wonky, the bit too long, pulled too far to the right, and the not too bad".-Patricia K.

  2. I was going to order this video too, but don't use boro glass. Would you recommend the video for learning how to make hearts with "ordinary" glass? Great job on your first try!

  3. Thank you - the eye of the beholder - what I think wonky usually sells at the shows sometimes better than those I think are better
    I plan on using soft glass as well but want to try the boro first - I may get better results with my minor as I will feelmore control with the glass melting when I want it to - so that is next on my list to try

  4. I love your wonky hearts. Unique and well done. I love Boro glass....to have and hold....not to work with. I love lamp work but doubt if I'll ever attempt it. Great job, Deborah!

  5. I like all of them. Wonky or not. The colors are all really nice too.