Boxing Day Boredom

I was up till 2pm last night waiting for my daughter to come home from hospital with my sick little granddaughter - some sort of stomach flu and for a couple days throwing up -  at least they gave her something to get it stopped

So pretty tired when I got up at 8am to walk the dog and come back in to see if they needed anything - sat with her for hours - and she was getting better

so after a while bored and I grabbed the looms I bought about 5months ago  and started working on a hat- after watching some you tube videos it was easy (I think playing with the rainbow rubber band loom that got me thinking to finally work with these )

I used the purple loom
took me a few hours but finished it 
Now I need to go to Michael s and get some more wool for a matching scarf 

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I wonder if my local Micheal's carries that loom kit. Gotta check. TFS!