2 More Days till Christmas

Doesnt seem like only two days left
The weather here is so bad - ice - ice - ice - everything is covered in it

Have stayed in for two days now - dont want to go out there  so I hope it quits by end of today

I did do beads yesterday and I even did some today ( two days in a row ) (again they are in the kiln annealing)

Yesterdays beads - just making basic beads for now

was using some gaffer frits - top left is ruby pink -  morretti adventurine, denim blue and tangerine on white

Played with some raku

and some ocelote spots (val cox mix)  this is on white with clear - today I did on white with amber so I'll have to wait for them to come out of the kiln

some filler beads 

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  1. So pretty. I especially love the heart in the last picture. It's so rich and earthy looking without being rustic. TFS!