19 Days to Christmas

Only 19 days left - it seems to be going so fast !

I torched again last night making smaller complimentary beads for my bigger purple beads and possible a focal for the necklace - not sure - but again if I keep torching almost every night I'll replenish my bead stash for spring

Actually having some fun each night - rather do this than watch TV on a winter eve

still on the mandrels  till I get home -  I have a rule - I cant torch till I take the beads off the mandrels from my previous session  and clean them -  filling up a big yogurt container - almost 1/2 filled with beads

I am trying to always do a min of 10 mandrels of beads whether there is one or multiples 

smaller purple beads to go with the large ones for a necklace 
some bubble beads for earrings  and some red just cause I like red and christmas is coming 

These are quite large lentils about 1-3/4"  in size 

Got home and cleaned them up \
the big lentil and the matching little spacer beads 

 I'm at half filled - not that it means anything but I feel like I'm actually making some beads

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