Fused Dichro - Using Dremel to Etch Design

Didnt think I would start today but once I put together my work space
I took a lid of a storage box  and a few foam squares (that come with flat glass)  put some water in it to make it easier to work - I dont have to keep adding water - I can just bring my hand over the area I'm working . The foam just makes it easier with the vibrations and to turn the work
I found bringing the dremel towards me was easier than trying to draw with it or push away - but then it my just be that way for me 
try different ways 
I am loving the etching with the dremel and ball bit 
I've killed the battery twice ! (although I dont think it was fully charged when I started and didnt wait too long to give it a second try )
trying to get all the detail and the colors from dichro is difficult - I need to spend some time on setting up my photo booth 

Once I am done I'll show and then I am going to chop it up and figure out the shapes I want for pendants 


  1. I was planning to put mine in a tray of water, but that foam is a great idea - will have to try it. I worry my hand will be so shaky. Looks like you had great control! The glass looks incredible! I love the pieces that look like black and white (toward the middle left in the pic) - is that silver glass?
    Dichro is so hard to photograph. Looks great, though!

  2. yes to silver - I found not too hard but hard enough to keep it from skipping over the glass I started by going around each piece to emphasize the edges then working each piece

    a tray is cool - I just happened to find this lid - the foam I typically use when I drill holes but this worked out great - gave me some support as I pressed down