Monday, October 8, 2012

Fused Sheet - Cut for cold working

I got out my small slab saw (have the big one too but the small one for this task is sufficient)

it uses a 4" diamond tip blade - great and easy cutting smooth edges 

you add water the the wheel well and go for it 
Do I have a plan - never - I like going with the flow 
once cut I'll figure out what shape - if I need to cut more off before I grind I'll do that (less wear and tear on the grinder )
but here they are all cut up 
very little waste - cut the edges so they are flat 
I'll cold work them from here - just have to decide the shape 
as I said I dont plan ahead I just cut 
If I plan sometimes I dont get the random pattern and they look planned 
(not sure if that makes sense but thats how it feels to me ) 

Off to make two pumpkin cheescakes to take to my daughters for thanksgiving 
hopefully I'll have a couple of hours tonight to think about what I am doing with these pieces and maybe get one done  - but I wont fire polish  till they are all done 


  1. Those look fantastic! Pumpkin cheesecake sounds wonderful - never had it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Your fast - I just sent you an email
    I also started a second sheet of glass I want to fire tonight if I can