Using Nail Polish to Colour Metal- Embellish Simple Brass or Base Metal Stampings

I went out and bought some inexpensive nail polish - and created some samplers on some brass stampings (of which I have a lot !
I bought the most inexpensive at Walmart - Sally Hansen (popular ) Xtreme Wear - they were 2.49 each but I am sure there is even less expensive stuff out there. After the test I'll be going back to get some more of the colours and do more test samplers.  I really like the results.
I did a colour test on some of the stampings I have a bunch of - some I like more than others - more transparent but overall they still look great. Of course it will vary with layers - and even thinning with some thinner to give a more transparent look on the metal.  But its what I was looking for - have some dragonfly's and seahorses coming from panda hall for necklaces that I wanted to be able to colour- see my next post on updated color charts

Before and After 

Used a base metal and coloured with a couple of colours - dries fast - I colour on wax paper for easy clean up. Hard to get a good pic of how really nice the colours come up on the metal.


  1. Deborah, did this work well for you long-term? I'm wondering if the polish peeled/chipped or stayed put. Did you cover with a clear overcoat to seal? I've been experimenting with this too. I'm finding the color results can be great too, but wonder if this will hold up over time.
    Thanks for any help you can offer!

  2. I have had sample up on the wall since I made them and they are fine - I have some jewelery I made 10-12 years ago and is still fine - no chipping - just dont put a heavy layer on them