New Toy - Cuttlebug

I've wanted one for a long time but never at a location that had one in stock
So not only this week do I find a local stamp and scrapbook store  (Class Act in Oshawa ) only 10 min from work on way home (stopped tonight to check them out )  they had a cuttlebug in stock .
They also have some great stamps and cuttlebug textures.
The ones here are the little floral that came with it and a sweet steampunk set.  Clean and crisp on 36g copper sheet I like to use -

started playing with some more clay - used to make lentils with my PMC clay  so I'm making some in ceramic clay - - save your light bulbs they are great for forming the lentils on

I dry my clay either just sitting to dry or hot plates (I have a big hot plate ) or I'll use my dehydrator to dry out pieces

I've got a lot of work to do - box full of bisque to paint

One of the last items to unpack are my rubber stamps - I've just started to work with them on my clay and the sooner I get them out the more I can use them
I have three full totes and another tote full of unmounted rubber stamps and roller stamps

I have a ton of other items to use with my stamps - lots of stamps, color pads, paper, and accessories just sitting - once I make my false wall I'll get them all out and have full access to all my stamps - most of which I don't even remember having .......

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