Too Busy - to Blog

Have been tied up with the closing on my daughters  house and moving some items last weekend  and cleaning .  Hopefully she will be completely moved in this weekend and I can go back to the studio and work on some ideas in the clay and glass areas.

- its cooled off sufficiently to start lampworking again and I need to get a ton of work done for my November show.  I keep saying I have lots of time but it always creeps up on me - I try to make a large quantity of new items (e.g. clay bezels) so that by the time the show comes I have an assortment of new items to show and sell.
Going to work on clay flower beads this weekend and some boro beads for my bubble necklaces and earings - would like to make a dozen necklaces but each necklace requires 38 beads
  and a dozen of my ruffle necklace that needs 75 each of the ruffles

So I'll really need to knuckle down after Saturday and get a  move on making new items

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