Ceramics and Solder

I've had my solder and copper tape out for a while with intent on creating some microscope slide pendants - but I was painting ceramics again tonight and when I finally had enough for the kiln I started to clean up and decided to try out the copper tape (from any stained glass store)  flux , solder and a soldering iron.

Same place you buy the tape buy some solder and a bottle of flux (you need this or the solder will not stick to the copper tape)

Add copper tape to your ceramic piece - I could have done a better job of pushing down the edges but I was excited to see some fast results 
Heat up your soldering iron and solder around on the copper tape - I glob a bit an then run a hot iron around to smooth it out- sometimes globs look good !

I like copper so I had a copper patina and painted that on (almost looks like the tape )

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