More Resin - making 3 d landscapes with resin and wood

So I have seen the 3d rings that are resin and wood and want to make but for material sake I only had some nice pen blanks available so I thought I would attempt a 3d scene  with resin and wood

I took a couple of my wooden pen blanks I use for making pens on the lathe and followed the instruction to break in the  vise  - which was put in two pieces on one side an done in the middle and snap it (put a cutting line on one side (I put it on all but next time I will only do one side )

so that gives me some nice 3d effects of hills or mountains

Next I painted the broken areas with acrylic paint 
Just some stuff from dollar store

just some green and browns  and used white for a water fall 

once that was dry I sealed it with some ModgePodge and then added some greenery 
the greenery is for making miniatures - and its grass - two colors green - got at michaels  for 7.99 cdn (buy one and get one free) 
and the green looks like little trees

now once this was dry - I used clear packing tape but found it could not hold shape the way I wanted so used acetate -  used double sided tape arpund the bottom and then put packing tape over top - I still had leakage so next time will fold the acetate - seals it then tape around the bottom to get a better seal 
this pic is after I poured and heated the resin (see melty edge  the heat gun was a bit too close ) got most of the bubbles out 

Now after that I waited for it to cure  and then peeled off the outside tape and acetate 

so not too bad for first try  - now I am sanding it down to I can stain the wood and buff up the resin - those photos will be soon 
but this week making a pressure pot that will get rid of the bubbles to ensure a nice clear result

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  1. I've never seen anything like this before. It's really effective.