Getting Better at the Resin and Wood Rings

Picked up a set of Forstner bits  and what a difference they make

nice smooth drilling and holes 

This time I used oak and broke the wood better - used the triangle method seemed to work best in the vise 

I had difficulties making the ring shank even the last time but I had a clear resin button I made from a mold that worked perfect for centering and making the edge even to use the marker around so I had a line for sanding evenly 

worked great - then I sanded using 400, 800, 1000 and 2000 grit wet sandpaper 
 then went to the studio to buff it up 

I forgot I bought a bench polisher last year from Princess auto so it turned out great 

used tripoli first then some Zap polish came up nice 
then came back down to the house and used my lap mandrel with my dremel to sand down the inside of the ring 
stained the wood with a minwax stain   then sealed with minwax paste wax and buffed it up 

so had a great day and did a second one 

very happy with todays results - although the green had specks in I'll have to figure that out 

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