Again - Getting better at Resin and Wood rings

Loving the Forstner bits  and my polishing  station  I did up this final ring last weekend

its in oak with the green from the miniature grass  I got a michaels and printed a castle on acetate  and place it inside before pouring 

Getting better at the sanding the shank and shining the resin back up to clear 


  1. Love the wood rings - they are awesome!!!


  2. I just discovered your blog when it was mentioned in I love that you are interested in so many projects and so many varied topics. I am the same way, and I am loving your blog and all the tutorials and you're getting me motivated to do some things. Just wanted you to know that you are appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to write these things up. I have a Blog too so I know how long it actually takes to put a post together LOL (

  3. Thank you - I need to be motivated lately and trying different projects helps a lot.