Resin and wood rings - next steps

I raced home last night with anticipation to drill the hole in my ring blank to find I could not find the chuck key for my drill press - so disappointed -

 So  I broke some more wood (I think this stuff is pine and is weathered from being outside )  and decided to make a couple more blanks
and I colored some resin - 
and tonight I will sand down to blanks 

I went and picked up a chuck key  from Canadian Tire ( the one that was on fire this morning )  so I can change out my drill press for the spade drill piece that will drill out the ring hole in the wood 
so about 1/2 hour of sanding and I'll be able to drill 3 ring blanks and spend the night sanding and hoping for at least one ring for tomorrow 

I did go to Home Depot after Canadian Tire  and picked up some  2" x 3/4 " oak and a piece of same size poplar to maybe have a better piece of wood to try out  too 
so I will be hoping to break a few pieces tonight and get resin onto them  for tomorrow 
If this works out - I hope it to be my new line this year 

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