Yeah - it may be warmer over the weekend

I trekked to the studio -

what a mess .......and this is just at the front of the building  and one corner -  moved some things around just to make my way into the kiln again - so hopefully that gets installed this week end

 decided to break the sheet of tempered glass - it was 18" x 8 ft -  got out a sheet of tarp and sort of wrapped it and gave it a wack with a hammer - holy cow is it strong I hit it at least 5 times  before I gave a mighty wack and it finally shattered - stepped on it to break it down to smaller pieces (with my runners on of course)
I need more to make the candles, some small buckets and the small 5" tiles and I can give it a try

so the weather is breaking - I need to make some copper sheets for a customer  and clean up some more - I have to move my comfy chair out and down to the house - as its in the way - boo hoo  (I am going to have to see if I cant keep it there - I want so I can sit and wait for the kiln to be ready

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