Tempered Glass test #2 - Crystal Candle holder

so the results of test # 2 (was 1/2 c A 1/2C B and just a little less than 1/4 c methyl hydrate )

turned out ok -  - I can see the tile at the bottom - the hole itself is pretty small  so

1.  still too much
2. a bit too thin
3. think I really need that 5 x 5 tile so the center is bigger


Looks like a big crystal 

can see the tile at bottom but opening is too small 

so once I get more tempered glass  the next test will be 
1/8 cup (two tablespoons) methyl hydrate 
1/4 cup part A
1/4 cup part B
but I want to find 5 x 5 tiles

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