Wonderful Weekend of Fun- Lampworking - copper etching

Friday night started with a lampwork session and got some beads made

Granddaughter wanted a sleep over and in the morning we made lightning bugs

Then I dropped her off and came back and started some etching of bracelets
used some other stamps -in this caseone with butterflies 

after etching- washed and neutralized with baking soda 

cleaned up ready for bending

 today  I bent and sealed them

got about 16 completed with another 8 to clean up - but I had fun today with some rubber stamps that I have had for years - they are roller stamps - round stamps that fit into a hand held roller
so I cleaned my copper and prepped it - rolled the roller in the staz on  and carefully rolled it across the blank copper

I will have to do more - was totally fun 
cleaned a couple and sealed before I ended the day  - 6 more to go 

I wanted to create a new display for the bangles and came up with the boxes- still not sure

I think I can get watch boxes that are similar - white with clear cover and I can put them sideways with same idea of the folded card inside - but that will be for next week 

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  1. What a fun weekend! I love the idea with the roller stamps too.