4 Days on the torch- but a short one

Yes I made my way up to the very cold studio - 4 days in a row - I must keep at it  - if I do it every day I wont make excuses -   31F°    0C°  could see my breath - a bit too cold ?   yes - I put two heaters towards me but still a bit chilly
only did two  beads before giving up  -  I forgot the body lentil press for the cat bodies in the basement so that took my focus away as well  - was raining this morning so did not go up to the studio to retrieve the two beads - tonight for sure and will post  -  were supposed to be on a warming trend - rainy but warmer - weekend some sun - so will keep at it.

I did get some new toys to play with -

Pancake dies (feather) from Potters USA 

 I just have to set up the press and I can use my new pancake dies -  Rosemary's Clay -  has pretty much the same additions as I do  so I keep my eyes open for any new toys she gets to see the results  - if you havnt visited - take the time to go to: Rosemary's Clay   amazing  things to see !

If I get time I'll be posting some fresh etched copper 3x4 sheet on etsy today

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  1. Your new toys are going to be sooo much fun! Congratulations.