My New Wubber Large Wave Bracelet Press

I got out my new wubber large wave bangle press I got in the mail on Thursday (you have to be quick to get one when back in stock )  its wonderful - reasonably priced and they were quick on delivery to Canada - so well made as well
I wiped off the bit of packing grease 
 cleaned the inside as well
Grabbed an existing bangle I had hanging - it was a thicker wire with a pattern from the rolling mill - its a pretty large bangle almost right to the edge -MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ANNEALED (SOFTENED THE BANGLE BEFORE PUTTING PRESS )  Its ideal right after  soldering but make sure your anneal the whole bracelet as you solder

I positioned centered into the press -
the press has a key - or a positioning tongue so that it will go together properly - hit with a weighted rawhide mallet - I have a heavy rubber - so I dont ding the press with a metal hammer 
OOOOOO - I can see it bend - and be wavy - so cool 

This is the large wave - #10 
I think I'll get the medium next 

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