3 Days on the Torch - The start of a trend - I hope

Yes  another trip to the Studio last night -  I have in my mind that I must go every day now
The temp was warmer - a toasty  51F ° or close to 11C °  that's about 10  whole degrees warmer than the weekend - plus I have a heater in the vicinity of where I am sitting - plus  sweater and fleece top

Last night I had a bit of a plan - then ran off as my daughter needed me to readjust her satellite dish
Almost just went into the house ......but

Then back to the studio where I turned everything on and started - I wanted to see what the yellow color looked like so made a sample bead - then off on a tangent of  7  Fat Cat - kitty heads -  tonight hope to make matching bodies - I want to make at least 25 by the weekend and then I can move onto   10 - Fat Cat - Fat Paddy's

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