EEEEK I have a show next weekend

So I have a show on July 12-13  an outdoor one close to home - only 15 minutes away

I have a lot of stuff made in the way of fused glass, copper etche bracelets, large fish , and some other items  but I never seem to make time to make earrings and everyone always asks for some

So this weekend I decided to make some small heart earrings  -  42 pair to be exact

Of course I needed ear wires - that while my first batch of hearts (10 sets Saturday morning - more Saturday night and again more Sunday morning ) were in the kiln I made up my batches  of wires
pulled out the hand torch and made the ball ends, bent them , cleaned the ends with a bur cup and then tossed them into my tumbler to harden and clean up 

and of course I had to use the Cricut to make up the heart shaped cards and use the earring punch to put in the holes

and with some of the odd mismatched hearts  started making a bracelet - which I thought - duh - should make up a bunch of these too - so rest of this week I'll make more hearts for bracelets - and I'll have to get out my jump rings and start making some  simple bracelet blanks for them 

For some reason it has taken me till now to really get moving 
Glad I worked on Turtles earlier last month