Where O Where is my UMPH

so busy at work and when I come home I just want to sit in my comfy chair and sleep

of my 11 items   I can say # 11 -  must be out of my mind thinking I can get this all done and a full time job before august 16 - is the item that is most true 

although - last friday I spent the day teaching PMC and had a lot of fun doing something I have not been doing in a long time 

made more small hearts  in prep for the bracelets but then I'll need the jump rings made so I can make the bracelets to put those hearts on 

supposed to be a wet weekend so it should be cooler and I can stay inside and create -  lets hope something

I may do a step by step on the making of simple ear wires - a lot of us take for granted how easy they are but sometimes you just need to see how they are made 

definitely  will have a give a way for August 

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