Need to work on making more things for next show

Lets see if I can complete these projects before Aug 16

I will do some videos I think as I go and post them to this blog and you tube

Project 1 :
 to make coils of copper and silver  so I can make jump rings - need some larger sizes and need to make a bunch of silver bracelets  as well as copper

Project 2:
need 1" and 1/2" copper etched  regular patina - coloured patinas (all out of those)

Project 3:
Make some Byzantine and other design bracelets so I can add charms

Project 4:
Make at least 6 large fish

Project 5:
Make a dozen small fish

Project 6:
card the box of dichro cabs with pendant backs (about 200) maybe wait for next batch of dichro and butterfly wings below

Project 7:
cut up more dichro fused pieces (Ihave about 6 sitting)

Project 7A:
fuse the pieces

Project 7B
Put pendant backs on

See Project 6

Project 8
Make butterfly wings -
Part 1- Make the cover clear blanks
Part 2- cut the dichro  for base
Part 3- etch the dichro
Part 4- fuse
Card (Project 6)

Project 9
Make a dozen  goddess beads

Project 10
Make a dozen fat cats (regular coloured ones)

Project 11
must be out of my mind thinking I can get this all done and a full time job before august 16


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm still a newbie and have often wondered how much stock is necessary even for a small local show.

  2. This is to replenish stock so I have at least 20 of each finished item
    like 20 large fish 20 small fish etc.. min 40 bracelets - it depends on the production run as with bracelets I'll do about 50 at a time of the large and about same for the small - I do try to keep an assortment