Wireless set up in the studio

I have had internet in the studio but it was always  hooked up direct to my pc
I really like the Hawking Tech brand

My studio is 150 ft away - Its a Metal building so wireless signal from the house was nil  and I didn't want to run cable

So my initial install was a hard wire from my lynksys router to a hawking bridge/access point that was on the other side of my house - where I run a hard wire external antenna  that emits the wireless signal up to my studio where its picked up by another external antenna that is hard wired into the studio and connected to a usb repeater  that was connected to my pc

But I want wireless this year as I have my surface 2 that I want to move around with me rather than sitting in once place

so I called hawking and they gave me a suggestion of a wireless repeater bridge which was so easy to install
run the online set up choose my network - let it do its own network assignment  and set a password - tada

ran it up to the studio and took my surface to test - works great - I can even connect to netflix and watch a movie so the signal is great !!!

Now I need to replace my tv and sat receiver  as I brought them in before it froze -and now they reside in my bedroom and my old receiver and tv went to the spare room  -  I have to have noise going in the background when working so I'll have to check around for a flat screen deal

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