I hear my studio calling ...........

I took another load last night to the studio of stuff in the kitchen -  I can almost see my kitchen table !
a few more  ( I try not to tire myself totally out )
was so nice - I unlocked and walked in - because its hovering about 50 during the day plus the sun - it was nice inside -  the weekend calls for mid 50's with about 40 at night so I'll plug in the heater Friday night and get it up over 50 inside (still feels dampish)  get some water and pop into the fridge -  I'll have to see about a TV since I took the one I bought down to the house for the winter and it ended up replacing the one in my bedroom.
Have another bridge router unit coming so I can install wireless in my building rather than just a direct connect for my internet -  ( I have a bridge to antenna from house   to antenna to usb repeater currently )  if I put in another bridge repeater then I can get wireless signal within the studio for my phone and my tablet

I still have to move things around as during the winter I just grab and drop things all over as I never want to stay more than a minute

I need to do a bunch of etching, ceramics and fusing glass - I have a bunch of projects in mind and one in particular I want done this weekend

I may even get the water back running by this weekend which will be great - and thinking of installing a small electric heater for hot water  this year

this year I have to clean a bit more and get the area around where I am putting a wood stove done and have it installed by mid summer so I am finally ahead  and may have longer and earlier times at the studio during the year

wont be at the TBS show for the spring I have dental surgery scheduled but its been cancelled a few times already since January plus I am glad as the venue is hard to get in and out of down town  Toronto plus I learned this morning the Don Valley - a major north south route will be closed for repairs which makes my trip form 2 hours to over 3 hours  to get there

so many plans......... so little time

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