Time Capsule - find

Cleaning the basement still - moving things around I found a box that I had not opened in over 10 years

was kind of nice to find some items I put a way and forgot about

All bubble wrapped so that when I moved they would not get broken

One of my painted glass pieces - the second ever piece I painted  - the yellow was the silver we had to apply in class 

a sample from class where I painted eggs for shading project 

 fused frit on glass  hanging pieces 

something I need to try again - you use templates and sift over 

one of my favorite beading pieces - called twist and wiggle I did a very long time ago in a class in Pennsylvania 

My first painted beads - I need to make new ones 

assortment of my old business cards 


  1. What fun - the suncatchers are gorgeous! And look at you with the beadweaving....further proof we are related!

  2. I just love memory boxes and finding one that has such beautiful items is an extra bonus.