Rolling Mill Choices

Since Metal is not my one and only passion and that I dont spend 100% of my time with metal - and not that I would not love to get a Durston Mill I had been looking at some less expensive mills to do the job I want to do. Especially for the amount of metal I may actually do

1. I want to emboss onto metal - yes I really would like to do that and some metal folding
2. I want to create some of my own wire
3. I want designs on my wire

found this  mill
 its an 80mm  (thats 3") that would be suitable and one of the options I like is that you can buy design rolls for it  and I did not see that I could do that with a Durston  -


 I'll get this one first



I think there are others -  as the #'s depict there must be -  will need to check them out   my favs are the #52  and the #56  and I'll plan to order soon


  1. Looks interesting. I've been wanting a mill, too. What brand is this? Thanks

  2. sort of generic - solid built they have you tube to show how to change out rollers - got it off ebay yesterday - just have to buy the next roller
    I ;just went back to get the link and all sold - it did cost me about 325 cdn with shipping. I just found another one on ebay and they are selling for 450 plus shipping of 120 so I may have lucked out - the seller I got it from was waymill2012

  3. Contenti sells these and I have one too, I like it alot it is not particularly well built, but I have a tool guy that I work with and he makes up parts for mine that are done much better, well tempered as well. I have I think 5 rollers, I wish they had more variety, many rollers have the same designs, I mostly buy them for certain ones knowing I will have multiples of the same design. I use mine alot. Heavily. It has been real useful, I don't use this as a regular rolling mill as I have a big guys that measures about 2 feet wide (yes it is that big, 20 hp motor) for me it is all about the wires it produces.