Almost Spring - taking things back up to the Studio

I turned on the heater yesterday so I could spend some time today working on my piece for the 8th Bead Soup - was just above 50 deg. F  so with a sweatshirt and pants on I was ok -Popped on a movie on my Surface for some noise -  and got to work and finished.

I just had to assemble and took it apart 3 times till I was happy with the results - cant wait for the reveal to see everyone's pieces.

 I love my studio and the fact I can just walk over to my workstation that has my torch for enameling and work my wire and then walk away - I so cant wait till I'm 100% up there - and I hope that's starting next weekend -  maybe with some heat on till we warm up some more.

Sorry cant show yet - on May 3 we all get to reveal

So each trip up  I took an armful of items that I brought down because I didn't want it to freeze during the winter and my kitchen is full of stuff so I want to get it all back up there as soon as I can.

I still was playing with those wax eggs - I really like doing them  - I did another couple last weekend and then a few more this weekend \- now I'll take all this up to the studio as well and I"ll finally get my kitchen table back.

I finally finished a full 18   then made another 3 wax drop and pull  this weekend- I'll keep the stuff available and see if I cant make more during the year of both kinds

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  1. Those eggs are just gorgeous! And I envy you the studio. I was just thinking the other night that I need to arrange mine so that I can get to metalworking and torch easier.