Update - keeping busy

Fitting in lampworking as much as possible - making spacer beads in prep to make some bracelets and some party beads just for something to do . (I'll show later )  but have become obssessed with wanting to do some wire weaving and possibly wire wrapping -  (this weekend was put up new drapes and shower curtain in bathroom,  which lead to the kitchen, which lead to the living room but still fit in some time at the studio

If your not familiar with wire weaving - I've tried from one of the magzines
Its quite interesting  but until I get the hang of it can be a bit tedious and confusing
I found a great site for tutorials -  you have to purchase - but to have access are amazing  - run from about 3-10.00  which is not so bad
Nicole Hanna: Curly Q Pendant, Wire Jewelry TutorialNicole Hanna: Semi Circle Post Earrings, Wire Jewelry Tutorial
I bought these to give a try
 and the site is http://www.de-cors.com    and there is http://www.jewelrylessons.com/
Has more than just the wire weaving - quite a few other tutorials that look interesting

One of my other fav sites is the https://www.etsy.com/shop/twistedsisterarts
amazing stuff - love the eyes- so you can see why I like that second pattern  I bought
Gothic Steampunk Sterling Silver Eye Pendant
I hope I can spend some time this long weekend with some wire

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