Thanksgiving Weekend- didnt get much done

Lovely long weekend spent more time babysitting than playing in the studio. Thanksgiving dinner saturday got postponed till sometime this week as my daughter wanted to get her upgrades done this weekend to the house - new granite counter,  new granite pad for wood stove,  sanded the main house floors and stained and finally getting 3 coats of varathane onto them -  she has done a lot in lat two weeks. I babysat for saturday (took the kids to the movies) came home to cook but we postponed.  Sunday was another babysit day and Monday I made chicken marsalla for dinner .

I was able to get some beads done today but then switched to working on the house moving furniture around- got my set chores done that \i wanted to do - but did not do my bathroom floor - that I'll save for next week - maybe.......

I did order this just to see if I cant get some items up on etsy since I hate my camera.

Nimbus Cloud Dome for SmartphonesIts the cloud dome  for your Iphone - so I'll have to see if that works
I have the cloud dome from a long time ago for my old Sony cameras and they worked wonderfully \(that could be because I actually set up proper lighting )

Played with the  metal washers- had some brass wire in my hand so I tried it out
nothing serious just played to see results - I can undo and retry
Making spacers and a few other beads - want to make some bracelets etc..\

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