Continuing playing with wire weaving

I had a freind over  and we played with some wire ( I also got some beads done on saturday) - I coiled the ends on the practice sample ones I did finish and made another one and put a bead on it

was so much fun that today I decided to make something bigger 
its not finished or even close to being finished 

want to use a piece of dichro - hopefully I'll finish tomorrow 

Even better I filled the kiln today with beads - which I havnt done in quite some time 
cant wait to clean up the beads tomorrow 


  1. I was going to order that book and discovered it in my own library! Yea!
    You must be a quick study. Your samples are very nicely done. Keep up the great work and keep sharing. Thanks!

  2. I typically have to check my library as well - I love sitting and just looking at the pictures