100 Followers - YEAH (actually 101) - November is Give-A-Way Month

I thank all my blog followers - I have finally reached the 100 follower mark  and welcome you all to my blog and hope you enjoy what I post and that it helps you.

Just so everyone is aware -  November is Free Give-A-Way Month  - (every other month )  I have a show this weekend so I am a bit behind   - in fact I am not sure what I am giving away just yet as pretty much everything is packed - but I'll pick something  nice so it will be an early Christmas present when I send it to you in December -  once I unpack for the show I hope to take some pics and post from my iphone.

So keep posted  -   dont miss out - best to subscribe to the emails that way you will be notified when it goes up.


  1. Congratulations on the 101 followers. I have a show this Sat.! But my things aren't nearly as amazing as yours. Your skill set is far more vast than mine. That's why I would love to win the drawing for a Deborah Read original.
    Hope you have an awesome show!

  2. Congratulations on the 101 followers!!! Wow!!! I would love to win one of your original pieces. You do such beautiful work!