The Plan

I have a plan in my head for the weekend to get more items completed
one project is to make a matching bracelet and pendant set from the copper etched and dichro pendants I made
as I always say I never usually draw something out but sometimes I need to get it on paper before I forget
Once I make the bracelet (and using one of my toggles)  I'll work on the pendant - it may get more pieces added to it other than the one dangly - but we will see what I do 
I have to get some glass donethis weekend - I want turtles for the purple turtle festival - so I need to get going on pendants and earring sets and some small fish as I have antoher show that is about fish at almost same venue its called the  Painted Perch Event at Jackson's Point
Parkette on August 17th, looks interesting its only 1 day   from noon till 8pm 


  1. Love the plan. And so glad to know I'm not the only one to put things on paper before I forget. Looking forward to seeing the completed pcs. TFS!

  2. Art you going to have some fish for the Purple Turtle Festival?

  3. Big Fish are made - making some turtles and some small fish this week before the festival