Well the heat wave is over and going into the studio is a pleasure
after a busy weekend of cleaning the property and getting ready for a 4 year olds birthday (with mostly adults) and busy at work I took Monday and Tuesday nights as relax nights .  Last night I decided to visit the studio - sat down in front of the torch and sat staring at the glass - what to do - what to do - no plan  and realy not in the mood but I figured if I started maybe I would get in the mood

I made a turtle, a heart and a funky fish -  the fish was an experiment just to see if I could make it look like a real fish since most of mine live in the fantasy world -

I grabbed whatever colours were on my table - the yellow is not bad - maybe some enamels for back color and if I actually spent the time it might come out like a real fish  - maybe a guppy -  its not very big  and the position of the mandrel is not right as I'm not sure how I would mount a belly button fish -    maybe make them off the mandrel - poke a hole at the mouth for a wire bail -  all kinds of possibilities - I'll have to give it a go again tonight  and see what come out till I am happy with the positioning 

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