Only two days to Outdoor show

Last year was my first time for an outdoor show - I loved the space but not the heat - I think it was about 100 degrees out and humid - but was fun - we had ice and food and shade and I loved being outside

I finished wiring up my "school" of fish  and have my  "bale" of turtles cleaned and just have to put on cards

I was playing with enamels  last night  and as much as these are just samplers I know what I want to do with using brass stencils and enamels for the future  - havnt played in a while with my enamels 
using the brass stencils to lay out your enamels on your marver is great and then roll the design onto your bead - I grabbed only a few colours just to test and was happy with the results - the checkerboard  as a background would be great - as well as the seahorse - and I have a ton of those brass stencils - I bought  when Michaels had sales 
wish I could find my white enamels - might be with my regular enamels - I love using white on a lot of the beads -  again what I used to make a long time ago is now back in fashion 
Last time I used enamels was to make a black and white set bracelet with a naked body bead (havnt made any of those in years) 
(as you can see from the image date) 
but I used to love using enamels on the beads 

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  1. OMGosh, Deb, your fish and turtles turned out awesome. They are so cute, yet beautifully done. Your talent seems to know no bonds.
    Thanks for sharing your pcs and for the great tip of using stencils with your powders on your marver. Can hardly wait to try that.