So Far this weekend

I've baby sat and got to only do a couple of things up at the studio (other than the studio is over 90 degrees with fans and vents going)
I wanted to make turtles so with a very short attention span I got my granddaughter to play with some polly pockets and experimented with some lampwork turtles

I only just realized the show is next weekend - so only a week to get a few things done for the show and no real time to experiment

\yucky  but a start
the bodies are too round  so I need to elongate - which is not a problem - the fins on one place to centrally and too big 

I like the bodies 

the colors are ok - but again fins and body need to be changed 

I got to sit tonight and make another 5 turtles with longer bodies and smaller fins so I'll see how they turn out in the morning 
I would like at least 10 good turtles and about 10 hearts 
I need to start on some small fish as well 

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  1. These are adorable, Deb... so what if they are a little round? They look like babies! Baby turtles are round LOL