Back to the Studio

Been sick with the flu all week - laryngitis as well - hate it when you swallow and it feels like razor blades - hard to sleep - today or rather tonight it feels a bit better - maybe a hot tea before bed

I actually dragged my butt up to the studio tonight with my big reel of copper and decided to cut up small sheets for etching - I am going to put on etsy this week

I noted most are 4 x 3 that others sell - so I thought that would be a good size that people could cut up or punch  and to ship would be reasonable - I am going to ship as raw copper so people can patina them whatever color they want-

Its not easy cutting 24 g into pieces from a 12" wide roll - I think if \i got it 4" wide \I could use my shear  \
then I flattened them with my rawhide mallet and cleaned one side with steel wool
put the zentangle pattern on with the staz-on  and then put them in the ferric chloride

I put two pieces together - used the file to keep them flat - I can fit 5 in at a time and 1 seahorse 
they are due to come out by about 10:30 pm  a bit late (not sure I'll get a pick tonight maybe in the morning before I clean them) but then they will be done for tomorrow to clean up and package 

what a lovely sunset at about 9pm 

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