Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sand Tapestry - getting ready

After participating in the  webinar I am ready to go  -             have my vertical forms  ready

to make the vertical pattern bars I need to take some of my fibre kiln shelves  to make the one for the vertical form
a full back shelf is used and the three 1/2" width pieces are glued around the edges and you tape a clear to the front to hold in the frit till you fill - then put the 4th end to keep the frits tight and take off the clear glass and fire right on the kiln shelf form
I'll put it together and show you so it makes sense

to test the forms I previoulsy tried using coloured sand (suggested at first so you dont waste frits )(the above sample was sand)  of course I'll have to empty it out and clean the form when I want to reuse it with frits for firing
found it at craft store -
I also bought some pointy metal to work the sand into designs

I also can use some of my mandrels as well

as you know I am a bit of a hoarder so I have lots of sand

and lots of frits

and good news is most are powders and fine frits that I need for the projects

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