Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Webinar - David Alcala - was great

So many ideas from the webinar -   I really liked it - I can sit and watch and ask questions and never leave my couch -

Davids web site is :

There is another webinar tonight :

The webinar started at 8:30  and the first hour went really fast with how to use the Flexi-glass medium
making paper thin sheets of your own custom designed glass for cutting or punching with paper punches, making threads and using as a paint medium  -
Making pattern bars with the vertical glass form and then firing.    It was really interesting and great to see hands on - questions I didnt think of were brought up by others
this pic is a combo of making the pattern bars using  the vertical form that you put the frit in along with using the flexi medium to create/paint the trees onto the pattern bars- these are samples from David Alcala
the full pattern bar was probably 6" x 6"  and rows of the landscape pattern was done on top of each other (hope that makes sense) and then cut into long pieces to make the bracelets - then the black images were applied with the flexi medium  -  and then fused - multiple
Making the vertical pattern bars really makes it easy
There is obviously more to it  but if you visit his site and watch some videos and purchase his ebook would make it clearer

One good thing about the webinar is that in 7 days they send you a link and you can watch it again - gives you time to purchase or put things together etc...  

and in my case get to watch the last 40 minutes -   I could not beleive it - I fell asleep !  just before 10pm  and woke as they were signing off at 10:30 -  was not too upset as I knew I can watch it again when they send the link - wasnt that it was boring but I  did not get any sleep the night before went to bed at 11 and woke at 2am and could not get back to sleep- worked all day  so was dead tired.  

so I hope to start working on this - maybe this weekend I want to create some pattern bars like he did for pendants first then maybe some bracelets - cant wait

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