Saturday, August 4, 2012

Still Working on 2 dozen Etched Copper Earrings

Getting close to finishing the two dozen - but the studio is so hot and humid.

  I decided to change from store bought ear wires to handmade but I only had sterling silver  rather than fine silver. A little extra work removing firescale but worth it - they look much better.

still using the Ranger Patina's - love them  and they are dipped in the Permalac EF

The final ones I am going to use liver of sulpher to patina - I also bent them on the former  so tomorrow I'll finish them off 


  1. just wondering the size of the ovals? have really small ears and don't want anything to big

  2. They're great. I wonder why the jar of ferric chloride is standing unused in the cupboard? Is it possible to use the solution more than once?
    I intend to enamel mine.