Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Batch 1 - Finished Zentangle Copper Earrings

Took the unfinished and cleaned them up using the dremel and sandpaper  and filed the edges with a nail file and prepped them for a patina.

I decided I wanted to try the ranger patina's I got at the Toronto Bead Society in the spring.

Here are the first colours I used.

Well here they are - they turned out pretty well.
I used a cue tip  to dab it all over then used my dremel and sandpaper to sand off the raised areas and then dipped them in the Permalac EF  let dry and then dipped again.

The patinas are sort of like enamels and easier to work with.

so six sets of earrings down, another batch etched and tomorrow I hope to have the final batches done and  another six sets  finished tomorrow night 


  1. thank you - was worried about the intensity of the patinas - but I really like them

    next six I'm going to curve and color
    next six - going to liver of sulpher and flat
    final six - liver of fulpher and curve

    then I'll probably move onto pendants to match

  2. Hi Deborah! Thank you for your wonderful tutorials! I have followed your etched earring tutorial step-by-step and was wanting to know how you get your patina's so bright? I have used the ranger patina's but mine don't turn out so nicely. Thank you!