Monday, August 6, 2012

Etched Copper Pendants

Finished my two dozen earrings with the etched formed and patina'd with liver of sulpher and dipped into the permalac ef

 so now onto  two dozen etched pendants

I took 2" copper circles and used my zentangle stamp and applied the stazon
Into the etch bath

Used acetone to clean off the tape glue and the stazon - then cleaned up with some penny brite.

I then used liver of sulpher to patina (make sure you use hot water , I am using something new a product called Grobet  Liver of Sulphu Extended Life Gel - Its a premix gel you add a dab -add your hot water. I use a cue tip and soak it and drag it down the piece - I get some nice colors .  Once applied when done wash off and dry.   I then used my dremal and sandpaper and cleaned the raised surfaces and back.

 punched a hole -

 I had to switch back from the hand held hole pliers (which I broke) to the  heavy duty hole punch - which I beleive is the best hole punch of all - I have one of just about everything and this is easy to use - less power of the hand necessary etc... I put it in my vice  (bottom handle) and I place my copper piece precissly where I want it and tap with my hand down - hardly any pressure

Once the hole is in I dapped them for effect using my Pepe large dapping set

I put a piece of copper wire in hole and dipped into the permalac ef to seal and hung on a rod to dry

 (I apply two coats)

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