Sunday, August 12, 2012

Etched Copper - Colored Pendants and Hearts

Spent today making more pendants.  Wanted to make the colored round pendants to match earrings
Using the Ranger Patina's and putting two colors together


  1. The blue and green is gorgeous! I haven't tried Ranger's. Still sorry I invested in Gilder's Paste and alcohol inks!

  2. I was not really impressed with the gilders paste as much as I thought I would be - I bought a lot too. The alcohol inks I have and should probably try too. I just love the vibrancy of these Ranger Patina's - wish they had a vibrant red but then again the blue /teal and the hot pink and lavender are really nice combos

  3. Hi,
    I bought the ranger Patinas, but am having trouble getting the color to stay on when I sand them. I think my etching isn't deep enough? Also, with you earrings, do you saw them all out, or do you have a disc cutter? I am thinking of buying one!