Another Wrap Bracelet

A bit addictive  so I made another - wanted a turquoise one

all finished except made it a bit too long so I'll have to reduce it by about 6 inches but otherwise not too bad
got carried away while watching TV and just kept sewing the beads onto the leather - these are smaller beads than the last ones (around 5mm)   but I think I can go  smaller -  I'll find some 4mm next and see


  1. Very Nice! I made one of these in Turquoise too, a while back now, but you can make buttons for them using PMC3 (which I did) and I stamped the word love into it, or polymer clay, so you can make them even more personalised!

  2. Great Idea - O dear now I have to drag out the pmc and the polymer and all my button molds ........LOL - one thing leads to another

  3. I love your bracelet, looks fun to wear too
    enjoy your weekend Kathy